Is it still there?

Is it still there?

Men and their trousers. Are there any men who don’t spend most of the day rummaging around their trousers. They take a particualar delight in playing inside their undercrackers searching for little johnny, or lost treasure. Yep I can get that it must be nice to have something soft and furry to play with. But that’s why I’ve got a cat. I don’t feel the need, in fact I’ve never met a women who felt the need, to constantly check that her vagina is still in situ and somehow or other hasn’t vanished in a cloud of smoke or been stolen in the night by one of the Borrowers to be used as a indoor water feature or bog garden. Men’s willys have little interest to any Borrowers who may be hiding under the stairs as they would make for very smelly pillows and it would be more comfortable to lounge around on a space hopper than some of the misshapen dicks that wander the earth.
No matter what age men are they have no inhibitions when it comes to scratching, fondling and fidgeting with or re-adjusting their manhood. If these appendages were a humungous size I could understand it. But to be honest as most willy’s are about 3″ when they are soft and the two testicles are about the size of a couple of walnuts, I can’t see what the problem is.
Guys… if you want to play with your dick please do it in private. Do us girls really want to hold your hand after it’s been down there! No we don’t.

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