Jim the Aussie

Jim the Aussie

Ahhhh Jim what can I say? A sharp executive earning shedloads of money none of which was ever spent on me ! Married but getting divorced. Kid in tow. Great hands on committed dad. Unfortunately when it came to women his attitude was ‘it’s all about the dick’. Hence he didn’t know that his tongue could be used for something other than talking and eating.
we had lots of chats about being together when his divorce was over and then suddenly he went off the radar only to reappear with the information that his divorce was through and he was now living with another woman who he also wanted to get rid of! Apparently she had an annoying kid and his kid hated him. Whatever! He wanted to start seeing me again but secretly. He didn’t want his family or kid to find out. Yeah I know. what he wanted was just a fuck buddy. Thankfully, I had my full senses about me and i said thanks but no thanks. Some residual pride was still hanging around at that point.
I’ve been told several times that Australian men are chauvenistic and selfish. having only ever met one I can’t really comment but if it is true then Jim was certainly carrying the flag for Australia on that issue. He actually sent me a text once wanting to make a bet with me. The bet was that if Australia beat Wales at rugby then I’d give him a blow job! laugh??? i thought my pants would never dry out! Giving that Wales weren’t playing particularly well at that time I thought it was probably not a good bet. I’m sure he was fairly positive that he would never have to do the ‘honours’ to me. Never having shown any interest in that area of sexual shenanigans he probably thought he was pretty much going to be guaranteed a good time. Again, I dug deep and said ummmm NO! THRICE NO!
Apparently he has now managed to get the rebound lady and annoying brat out of his life again and is rooting around for some company. No doubt he’ll find it.
jim was probably one of the least tactile people I’ve ever met. Never occurs to him to hold hands or hug you. I think both his ex wives left him due to neglect. Not because he had a brilliant job that took him all over the world and gave him a phenomenal income. I just think that on his return he showed no sign of actually having missed them at all.
I remember one rather interesting thing happened whilst we were actually having sex. There we were all sweating and getting ‘jiggy wit it’ and his phone rang. he picked it up and started having a business conversation. My ego like his dick deflated pretty rapidly.
I’ve heard of girls showing the same inconsideration though. My guy i knew told me how once, when he was banging away at this girlfriend of his, she reached over to the bedside table, picked up a bag of crisps and started crunching on the cheese and onions while he was trying to go for gold! The smell alone was enough to put him off his stride. The girls mistake was to choose cheese and onion. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so put off if it had been just plain crisps or a prawn cracker.

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