Men are Weird

Men – WTF are they about?

Well it’s come to this! I am now so amazed at the various weird but not wonderful relationships I’ve had that I’ve decided to Blog them all. Feel free to ad your twopence worth! Chats with my daughter lead me to believe that it’s across a huge age range that men have ‘issues’. Sexual disfunction of some sort of other seems pretty common as does the believe that sex ‘their’ way is the norm when actually its kinda sooooooooo not the norm. Well at least not in the way us girls would like it. We’ve all read or heard about the Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars book. It’s just got to be true! Guys are all seriously fucked up.
Boyfriend number one after separation from husband. Max – a south african guy. Turned out to be a bit of a gold digger – not that I have any gold but you get my drift. Moved in with me only to tell me two days later that he actually didn’t have a job, shouldn’t have been in the country and wasn’t entitled to any benefits! Day 3 he crashed his car whilst drunk. Was arrested by the police, refused to do a urine sample and got detained courtesy of Her Majesty’s prison service! He failed to pick up the stuff at my house so I threatened to bin it all. Three weeks later he still hadn’t collected it all so it got dumped in the local marina. I used his own personalised bowling balls to weigh down all his belongings. The kerplunk as it all went into the oily waters was very satisfying. Who on earth has their own personalised bowling balls! what a loser. He could also snore for the olympics – cliche I know but my goodness. It was like being next to a jet aircraft on take-off every night. Good riddance number one.

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